Shipping Information

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Terms of Payment

  • Credit card is the most traditional method of payment: it is connected to a bank account, has a high ceiling and provides a postponed transaction charge (usually in the middle of the month) after the purchase), are accepted both in Italy and abroad and enjoy high protection against fraud. They are advisable to those consumers who have fixed income and have good control over their expenditure.

  • The rechargeable or prepaid card is not linked to a bank account, but it works thanks to a deposit of money that goes to “load” the ceiling before use: it is therefore subject to charging and the immediate debit of the transactions. It is also accepted in Italy and generally also abroad, allows purchases in total anonymity and is suitable for young people who have no fixed income or current account and who use this tool occasionally, also because it is accepted for purchases on the internet generally without additional charges.

  • PayPal is an online payment system that allows any company or consumer with an email address to send and receive payments. By registering for free, you can open your account (which allows you to make payments using your email and password) to which you can also associate a credit or a prepaid one, or you can recharge it without charge from your bank account. The basic idea is to carry out transactions without sharing the card data with the final recipient of the payment: in fact, the system does not transmit sensitive data of the cards connected to the account.